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Introducing the Stunts Unlimited LEGENDS tee, part of the “Legends Signature Line,” paying homage to the badass legends of Stunts Unlimited. 

Our first legend is Unlimited member Buddy Joe Hooker. This limited edition tee features a vintage black and white signed print of Buddy Joe in action.

15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation to benefit injured stunt performers.


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Founded in 1970, STUNTS UNLIMITED quickly became Hollywood’s best-kept secret and the most sought after action group. If you want the best, you come to STUNTS UNLIMITED. Our membership has always consisted of the top action designers, stunts coordinators, fight choreographers, motorcycle racers, car drivers, horsemen and pilots - all with the innovative ideas and progressive thinking needed for the future of stunts in film and television.

From the very beginning of its inception, STUNTS UNLIMITED has led the pack for all the others to follow. Our members have earned a reputation for providing the best action in film, television and commercials for today’s top-grossing entertainment brands. STUNTS UNLIMITED is the ultimate goal for any stunt person coming to Hollywood.

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