From Screen Rant, “Fast and The Furious is about to hit its tenth entry with Fast X later this year (provided you don’t count Hobbs and Shaw). Before we go on another adventure with Dwayne Johnson and friends, let’s go behind the scenes and take a deep dive into how they pulled off some of the most insane stunts of the saga. Be it Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s death-defying leap between the Dubai towers in Fate of the Furious or the epic vault chase scene of Fast 5, the practical stunt work on display is worthy of a Nobel prize. And let’s not forget the cars, that’s basically the only reason these movies exist! Did you know they modified an actual tank to run at 60 miles per hour for Fast and Furious 6? The ingenuity on display is absolutely mind-blowing. What’s even more mind-blowing is how many times they practiced the skydiving scene from Fate of the Furious with the actual cars. And that’s not even the only time we’ll be talking about how they made it rain cars, although the second time is much more sinister than the first. I wonder how many cars they’ve totaled over the course of the whole series?”