New Directory Members – July 2017


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Check out the newest additions to the Stunts Unlimited Directory!

Corrina Roshea, sponsored by Lance Gilbert and J.J. Perry


Petra Sprecher, sponsored by Pat Romano, Brent Fletcher, Manny Perry


Matthew R. Staley, sponsored by John Meier


Kate Cochran, sponsored by  Pat Romano


Tiger Rudge, sponsored by Pat Romano


Dan Pera sponsored by Mike Massa 


Melissa E. Brown, sponsored by Tanner Gill


The Stunts Unlimited Directory is the first place our coordinators and 2nd unit directors search for stunt hires. Never before has any group culminated such a trusted pool of talent, vetted on an individual basis. Inclusion in this database is an endorsement from our Members to our Members.

Your searchable profile will include: Headshot, full body shot, sizes, all abilities and links to your website and reel. This is an exclusive subscription, visible only to SU Members.

The Process:

1. You must be sponsored by a Stunts Unlimited Member. Click here to see a full list of our Members*

*Please note, you have to have worked with or auditioned for one of our Members to be considered for the Directory. Directory Members are not Members of Stunts Unlimited and cannot be sponsors.

2. For your application to be considered, you must submit your headshot/resume/reel and the name of your sponsor(s) to

3. Your application will be submitted to the Board for approval.

Please contact for more information about the Stunts Unlimited Directory.



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