‘Justice League’ and ‘Deadpool’ Fight Coordinators Hired To Tackle ‘Terminator’ Stunts


Production won’t begin on Tim Miller’s Terminator film until March of next year but it seems like pre-production is in full swing.

Omega Underground has learned that they’ve hired  Freddy Bouciegues and Philip J Silvera as the film’s stunt coordinators, Silvera acting as the film’s supervising stunt coordinator.

You might know Philip best of the two names due to his involvement with the Daredevil series. He also has a connection to Miller as the fight coordinator on Deadpool (pictured above with Ed Skrien and Ryan Reynolds at the 2016 MTV Awards) and the pre-viz for Deadpool 2. Philip also worked on Pacific Rim: Uprising handling the action for the Jaeger Battles.


Freddy’s recent credits include US stunt coordinator/fight choreographer for Justice League. Along with various stunt crew jobs on projects such as Hell or High WaterBatman v SupermanFurious 7NightcrawlerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier300: Rise of An EmpireThor: The Dark WorldMan of SteelIron Man 3, and Captain America: The First Avenger. He’s also no stranger to the Terminator franchise working on the stunts for Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Another interesting Terminator crew addition we’ve previously mentioned is production designer Sonja Klaus, who is best known for her stunning work on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Production is set to begin this March in Budapest, Hungary, and Spain with a release date set for July 26th, 2019.


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