Stunts Unlimited Open House and 2017 Directory Release Party

What a great day! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and for those who couldn’t make it, you were missed and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Billy Hammond, Mike Massa, Greg Barnett, Erik Stabenau, Gregg Smrz, Carrie Shaw, Brent Fletcher, Steve Picerni, Erik Rondell, John Meier, Kanin and Norman Howell and family, lots and lots of SU Directory Members and friends!


Joe Sobalo, Carrie Shaw, Brett Easton, Elisabeth Carpenter, Cassie Lee Minnick, Kate Cochran, Zak Guarnaccia


Kate Boyer, Kate Cochran and Alina Andrei

Shawn Balentine, Carrie Shaw, Alina Andrei, Jessica Bennett, Zak Guarnaccia and Elisabeth Carpenter



Front Row: Trentron Rosdale, , Kym Stys, Michelle Jubilee Gonzales, Steve Picerni, Cassie Lee Minnick, Lisa Catara, Kate Cochran, Nicole Marines, Spencer Thomas Back Row: Peter Jang, Terrence Julien, Zak Guarnaccia, Noelani Mulligan, Carlton Fluker, (Unkown – sorry!), Jason Sweat


Gregg Smrz and Sandy Gimpel


Billy Hammond of Action Vehicle Engineering, SU Vice President Brent Fletcher, and Regis Harrington of Covert Action Vehicles.

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