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New SU Directory Members

Welcome Brooke and Tegan to the Stunts Unlimited Directory!

Brooke Coleman is sponsored by Monty Simons – “Brooke is great!”

Tegan Hammond is sponsored by Craig Baxley Jr., Eddie Braun, Jeff Cadiente, Brent Fletcher, Tanner Gill, John C. Meier and Eric Norris.

Craig Baxley Jr –  “I think she will be a great lady for the book great driver, great attitude.”
Eddie Braun – “Tegan is great, humble, incredibly talented, and really listens and takes direction very well.She adapts to changing conditions with ease and calm level-headedness. I’ve also worked with her and seen her in incredibly expensive and fast cars with ever cool headedness in the “hot-seat”
Jeff Cadiente – “She’s extremely professional. She trains and practices her craft and she’s one of the best drivers I know. I’d hire her any time and highly recommended her.”
Brent Fletcher – “I helped her get in the door. She is a pro. Good listener, highly motivated.”
John Meier – “I John C Meier a member of 39/ years in SU am sponsoring Tegan Hammond for the Stunt Directory. I’ve personally have worked with her on Magnum P.I. and I found her to be very professional an a great driver. I  highly recommend her on a very high level. She will be a big asset for our directory🎥🎬🖤💛”


Click here to view the Stunts Unlimited Directory:

The Stunts Unlimited Directory is the first place our stunt coordinators and 2nd unit directors search for stunt hires. Never before has any group culminated such a trusted pool of talent, vetted on an individual basis. Inclusion in this database is an endorsement from our Members to our Members.

The Process:

1. You must be sponsored by a Stunts Unlimited Member. Click here to see a full list of the Members of Stunts Unlimited*

2. For your application to be considered, you must submit your headshot/resume/reel and the name of your sponsor(s) to

3. Your application will be submitted to the board of directors for approval.

Please contact for more information about the Stunts Unlimited directory.

*Please note, you must have worked with a member of Stunts Unlimited to be considered for directory sponsorship. Directory members are not members of Stunts Unlimited and cannot be sponsors.