Thank you to all of the Stunts Unlimited Directory members who worked so hard to turn these out with only 7 days notice – bravo!

1st Place Richard Fike, awarded Free renewal to the Stunts Unlimited Directory
2nd Place Will Leong, awarded 50% off renewal to the Stunts Unlimited Directory
3rd Place Nancy McCrumb, awarded 25% off renewal to the Stunts Unlimited Directory

“Everyone put a lot of hard work into there “Shot 4 Shot“ submissions. It is cool to see all of the talent that is out there in the community right now, super impressed. ” – Chris O’Hara

“After reviewing these three short films, I thought all three did an excellent job. Well done.” – Charlie Picerni

I thought they all did a great job!! it’s almost as hard as picking which one of my children I like the most! 🙂 But I only have one 🙂 You could shuffle them in anyway!! Maybe the next challenge could be a creative fight coordinator challenge, and see if they can come up with a cool fight sequence, or action sequence. I thought this was a great exercise and a lot of fun watching!!!”  – J.J. Perry

“All 3 are freakin awesome!! Tell them all good work.” – Craig Hosking

“Everyone’s submission was excellent! I just think Rick went the farthest with trying to recreate the actual set, lighting and even dialogue plus fight. Nancy was was a close second. Excellent location and choreography. Will nailed the fight move for move with the fight choreo, I think it just took away from it by being pool side, bright daylight when the scene is in a dark monastery. Excellent work by everyone! ” – Mike Massa

“Great attention to detail Con Air ” – Erik Rondell


Stunts Unlimited Directory Member Rick Fike
Cast: Cameron Poe – Jonathan Yurco, William “Billy Bedlam” Bedford -Richard Fike; Directed by: Richard Fike; 1st AD ERay Goodwin; Stunt Coordinator Richard Fike; Camera/Editor Jason Cekanski.
Stunt Predators USA

Stunts Unlimited Directory Member Will Leong
With assistance from John Tieng  DP-Camera, Scott Rosen (SUDM), Spencer Greene, Sky Shim, Elan Simon, Kenny Yang, Avery Castillo


Stunts Unlimited Directory Member Nancy McCrumb:
Nancy McCrumb as Riggs and Stepka Li as Vorstedt