Congratulations to SU members Andy Cheng, Chris O’Hara, J.J. Perry and Mike Smith for being invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences!


They will be joining an impressive group of  Stunt Coordinators in the Members-at-Large branch of the Academy:

George Aguilar

Andy Armstrong

Vic Armstrong

James Arnett

Billy Burton Sr. (SU)

Andy Cheng (SU)

Doug Coleman

Gary Combs

Simon Crane

Jeff Dashnaw

Fred Davis

Lance Gilbert (SU)

Mickey Gilbert (SU)

Andy Gill (SU)

Jack Gill (SU)

Jeff Habberstad

Freddy Hice

Buddy Joe Hooker (SU)

Craig Hosking (SU)

Jeff Imada (SU)

Joel Kramer

Terry Leanord

David Leitch

Chris O’Hara (SU)

Conrad Palmisano

J.J. Perry (SU)

Manny Perry (SU)

Charlie Picerni Sr. (SU)

Glenn Randall Jr.

Spiro Razatos

Mic Rodgers

RA Rondell (SU)

Ronnie Rondell (SU)

Mike Smith (SU)

Gregg Smrz (SU)

Ron Stein (SU)

Teirre Turner

Brent Woolsey

Keith Woulard

Dick Ziker (SU)

Click here to see all the new members admitted into the Academy for 2018:

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