Danny Rogers, Honorary Member of Stunts Unlimited, passed away March 2, 2021.

Danny Rogers worked in motion picture industry for over 40 years as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. An all around stuntman, Danny did motorcycle stunts, horse work and fights. Voted into Stunts Unlimited in 1974, a stunt organization he never stopped believing was the top group in the business, Danny was best known for his work on the hit TV show C*H*i*P*s as lead Erik Estrada’s stunt double and as the businessman shaking hands with Ronnie Rondell as he was engulfed in flames for the Pink Floyd album “Wish You Were Here.” Over several decades Danny worked on many big name movies such as To Live and Die in L.A.,  XXX, Titanic, Fast & the Furious, Pearl Harbor, Hildago, just to name a few.  Click here to view Danny Rogers film and television credits on IMDB.

Danny is survived by his wife Patty and his son Daniel Rogers Jr.


Danny Rogers head shot in the Stunts Unlimited book, mid 1970’s

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to the Stunts Unlimited members. All of your condolences and prayers for my husband Danny Rogers has meant so much to my family and I. Hearing your personal stories has helped me through these tough times as I get to witness how much he will be missed within the industry and by his longtime friends. Also speaking on his behalf, I can confidently say that he absolutely loved working with each of you over the many years. I have heard so many great stories about all of the good times that you shared together. Much love to all, Patty Rogers

Danny was a great guy, easy going, could do just about everything. Losing Danny is just as sad as it can be. – Ronnie and Mary Rondell (SU Co-Founder)

One of the truly good guys has moved on, but I will never forget the perpetual, warm smile, that always welcomed you. I was very fortunate to spend many of the golden years of Stunts Unlimited and our industry with Danny. He was a bad ass stuntman, had integrity, honesty, and always had his Brothers back. All the great assets we cherished back in the ‘old school’ days. Danny, you will be sorely missed, but never forgotten on my watch. I’ll see you on the other side. – Buddy Joe Hooker, SU

He was my ex husband and was a good man. He is also survived by his son Daniel Rogers Jr and is heartbroken also. We are sad… – Linda Adent

God Bless you Danny, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve hit the ground together, but I can tell you it’s been fun and a pleasure knowing you and working with you——So Danny Boy, I love you and will miss you, maybe in the future we can join up and talk old times. Enjoy your new home with the Lord, God Bless you, Mickey Gilbert

Danny was one of my first proteges. Such a nice guy. I will miss him greatly. –  Dick Ziker, SU

Danny Rogers, a smile that goes on forever. You will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace. – John Meier, SU

Good guy, used to go motorcycle riding with Danny. Very good stuntman. Great guy. He’ll  be missed. He was one of the good ones. – Gene and Midge LeBell

Years seem like nothing until you reflect on the ones that were spent enjoying the life you lived and the work that made it all possible. It was a dream for many and a life for few. Danny will rest in peace for his part in all that he accomplished as a stuntman in the motion picture business. He was truly a gentle soul, loving husband and father. You’ll be missed Danny, Bax (Craig Baxley Sr., Honorary SU)

RIP, Danny. – Bear (Steve Boyum, SU)

Such a great guy and a very talented stuntman! You’ll be missed Danny! God Bless you and your family! – Greg Barnett, SU

Love and respect to Danny and his Family. Such a legend and a true talented gentleman.. you’ll be missed. – Lance Gilbert, SU

Danny Rogers, stunt double for Erik Estrada on C*H*i*P*s

One of my fondest memories was riding our bikes at the international track at Indian Dunes with two of Hollywood’s finest Danny Rogers and Tommy Huff both helped me with my moto skills… both gone way to soon… Gone but never forgotten RIP boys “🙏” – Manny Perry, SU