Check out this in-depth interview with Jack Gill about that amazing motorcycle chase in Venom!

**Jack wants everyone to know he repeatedly mentioned 1st Unit Stunt Coordinator Chris O’Hara, Co-2nd Unit Stunt Coordinators Spiro Razatos and Andy Gill, but they didn’t include any of those mentions in the final cut of the interview.

Published by Movies Insider February 7, 2019

“Venom” was one of the big blockbusters of 2018, and Eddie Brock’s epic motorcycle chase was one of the best scenes in the movie. Stunt coordinator Jack Gill takes us behind the scenes of this incredible sequence, explaining the ways they made the action look so realistic — and how Tom Hardy’s stunt doubles pulled off those death-defying jumps.

Jack Gill has also created action scenes in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and the “Fast and the Furious” movies. On “Venom,” Jack and co-stunt coordinators Andy Gill and Spiro Razatos were responsible for designing the elaborate car and motorbike chase, which finds Eddie transforming into his super alter-ego — and one of the most famous Spider-Man villains — Venom.

Good news for “Venom” fans: There’s a lot more in store from Sony’s offshoot Spider-Man universe, which so far has included “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and the upcoming “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” The studio owns the rights to over 900 Marvel characters, and has plans to develop new character movies in the coming years — including “Venom 2.”

There’s no release date yet for the sequel, but Sony has confirmed that it’s in development. In the meantime, Venom is available on Blu-ray and Digital.


Keith Adams stunt driver
David Alessi precision driver
Matthew R. Anderson stunt performer
Ben Aycrigg stunts
William W. Barbour precision driver
Gregory J. Barnett (SU) stunts
Michael H. Barnett stunts
Loyd Bateman stunts
Brandon Beckman utility stunts (as Brandon William Beckman)
Randy Beckman stunt rigging coordinator
JoAnn Bernat stunt performer
Chad Bowman utility stunts
Joe Bucaro III stunt driver
Rico Burgos utility stunts
Max Calder stunts
Jwaundace Candece stunts
Rocky Capella stunts
Jennifer Caputo stunt driver
RJ Casey utility stunts
Pat Chu utility stunts
Tye Claybrook Jr. precision driver
Bruce Concepcion pre-viz stunts
David Conk utility stunts
Tim Connolly fight coordinator
Shawn Crowder utility stunts
Jahnel Curfman stunt performer
Keith Splinter Davis stunts
R.J. De La Fuente utility stunts
Calvin Dean stunts
Greg Dela Riva stunt rigger
Cory DeMeyers stunt double: Riz Ahmed / utility stunts: freerunning consultant
Joe Dryden motorcycle stunts
Kevin Dyer stunts
Richard Epper utility stunts
John Escobar utility stunts
Jonathan Quinn Escobar stunts
Jimena Ferrante stunts
Stephane Feruch stunt performer
Jacob Garcia stunts
Khalid Ghajji utility stunts: reshoot
Andy Gill (SU) stunt coordinator: second unit
Jack Gill (SU) stunt coordinator: second unit
Katie Gill stunt performer
Kelly Gill stunt performer
Daniel Graham stunt performer
David M. Graves utility stunts
Jason Gray utility stunts
Michael Hansen utility stunts
Daniel Hargrave stunts
Regis Harrington stunts: Camera Bike Rider
Alexander Hashioka Oatfield stunts
Craig Henningsen stunts: additional photography
Zac Henry utility stunts
Daniel Hernandez fight coordinator: reshoots
Jason Charles Hill utility stunts
Sara Holden stunt double: Michelle Williams
Tony Hunt stunt driver
C.C. Ice stunt double: Melora Walters
Kris A. Jeffrey stunt performer
Kirk A. Jenkins stunts
Brett A. Jones utility stunts
Steve Kelso stunt driver
Jess King stunts
Dorian Kingi stunt double: Venom motion capture, additional photography
Henry Kingi (SU) stunt driver
Brionna Lynch stunt driver
Jalil Jay Lynch (SU) stunt driver: Motorcycle Stunts & Car Stunts
Adam Lytle utility stunts
Ryan Mari stunt rigger
Jeremy Marinas utility stunts
Richard Marrero stunt driver
Aaron Matthews stunts
Michael McGuire utility stunts
Kyle Mclean stunts
Polly Mitchell Giles precision driver
T. Ryan Mooney stunts
Dave Moro precision driver
Mike Mukatis stunts
Spencer Mulligan stunts
Robert Nagle stunt driver
Jessica Nam stunt performer
Niko Nedyalkov utility stunts
Darlene Nesson Precision driver
Leon Ngo utility stunts
Anthony Nguyen stunts
Daniel Norris stunt performer
Chris O’Hara (SU) stunt coordinator
Jane Oshita stunt performer
Michael Owen stunt driver
Allan Padelford stunt driver / utility stunts
Woon Young Park stunt performer
Natasha Paul stunt performer
Matt Philliben stunts
Charlie Picerni stunt driver
Spiro Razatos stunt coordinator
Jeff Redlick vehicle driver
Jimmy N. Roberts (SU) stunt double: Tom Hardy motorcycle
Kelly Róisín stunt performer
Ayami Sakaeda stunt performer
Maya Santandrea stunts
Jon Walker Schmidt stunt performer
Courtney Schwartz stunts
Timothy Scott precision driver
Robert Shavers stunt performer
John J. Shim stunt performer
Donn Andrew Simmons precision driver
Brian Simpson Stunt Rigging Coordinator: additional photography
Nick Stanner stunt performer
Remington Steele stunt double: Scott Haze
Eric Stratemeier stunts
Don Thai Theerathada stunt performer
Jacob Tomuri stunt double: Tom Hardy
Phil Tyler stunts
Jaye Tyroff stunt driver
Jose Luis Vasquez stunt rigger: additional photography (as Jose Vasquez)
Tony Vo stunts
Thom Williams stunt driver
Nancy Young utility stunts
Keil Oakley Zepernick Stunt Double: Riot motion capture / Stunt Double: Venom motion capture
David William No previz stunts (uncredited)
Ricardo Perez precision driver (uncredited)
Galen G. Wathen vehicle driver (uncredited)
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