1991-2019 and still no ACTION CATEGORY at the Oscars. It is an absolute disgrace.

27 YEARS, that’s how long the Academy has shunned the ACTION industry and refused to create an Oscar Category.

Let’s show the Academy how much of an impact we can make by TURNING OFF THE OSCARS!

Collectively, as industry professionals and FANS let‘s use ALL social media platforms to voice our displeasure for this continual snub by using the hashtags #standupforstunts  #boycottoscars and encouraging everyone to TURN OFF and TUNE OUT the Academy Awards.

If we can SHOW THEM THAT WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, they will be forced LISTEN TO US!!!!

Boycott the Oscars! Don’t watch, do something else! Let’s drive those number DOWN!

Sign the petition! https://bit.ly/SUFSpetition

Get the word out! Share content (see below), use #standupforstunts #boycottoscars and check these sites daily for more!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/StandUPforStunts/

IG: https://instagram.com/standupforstunts

TW: https://twitter.com/StandUP4Stunts



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