Buddy Joe Hooker presents Jackie Chan with honorary plaque from Stunts Unlimited at the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week (2019)

Stunts Unlimited Vice President Buddy Joe Hooker represented American stunt professionals on an international panel of stunt coordinators at the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week in China.

The annual Jackie Chan International Film Week was held July 21-27 in the north China city of Datong, some 200 miles East of Beijing in Shanxi Province.  The annual event celebrates international action movies and honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to the genre.

Jackie Chan International Action Film Week was held in the new 30,000 seat stadium in Datong, China (2019)


Buddy Joe and Gayle Hooker at the 5th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week (2019)


Actor Chris Tucker and Buddy Joe Hooker at International Action Film Week (2019)


Buddy Joe Hooker with famous Chinese actor and action choregrapher Chin Ka-lok Jackie Chan International Film Week (2019)

“Action filmmakers work very hard, they often face injuries, even life-threatening, but they are always heroes behind-the-scenes. The attention and recognition for them in the industry and international film festivals are far from enough. The action film week is to recognize the world’s filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to action films and speak for them,” said Jackie Chan.


Buddy Joe Hooker presenting Jack Chan with Stunts Unlimited Belt Buckle Jackie Chan International Action Film Week (2019)


Jackie Chan with an international group of action directors and stunt coordinators at the International Action Film Week (2019)

Guests of the International Stunt Industry Panel (in alphabetical order):
Secretary-General of the Stuntman Working Committee of China Film Association: He Jun
President of Hong Kong Stuntman Association: Qian Jiale
President of German Stunt Association: Marc Sieger
President of Japanese Action Film Institute: Kenji Tanigaki
Korean Action Director: Yoo Yong (Wu Shiying)
President of Mumbai Movie Stunt Artist Association: Mohammed Agzaz,  Gulab Shaikh
President of Russian Stunt Performance Association: Alexander Yinshakov
Thai action film director: Kecha Khamphakdee
Vice-president of Stunts Unlimited of United States of America: Buddy Joe Hooker
President of British Stunt Association: James Derek, Christopher Dowdall

Buddy Joe Hooker with President of the German Stunt Association Marc Sieger Germany and his wife Stunt Coordinator Katja Jerabek in China (2109)

The purpose of this international action film forum is to bring together world-renowned filmmakers, International Stunt Associations and leaders of Chinese film and television institutions, to show the development trend of action films combined with global creative technology of modern industrial system and to advocate mutual understanding and respect among action filmmakers in various countries. The forum will also work to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of action movies,  assist in creating connections amongst international film stunt talents, establish industry norms and promote international exchange of action movies.

Buddy Joe Hooker at the Stunt Forum during the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week in China 2019

“For all the stunt performers and filmmakers around the world who bring action to the screen, Mr Jackie Chan is supporting the struggle for recognition for action films and the people who make it happen on screen. He is a true stunt icon and ambassador for the cause. His Action Week was entirely focused on acknowledging all those involved in action movies and making them all feel the respect and honor well deserved. He wants an Oscar for Stunts and has our backs. Thank you so very much Mr. Chan for an amazing week in your homeland and for all you do you for the action community,” said Gayle Hooker, entertainment professional and wife of Buddy Joe Hooker.


Buddy Joe Hooker Closing Ceremony Jackie Chan Action Film Festival (2019)

“Jackie Chan could not have been more excited to see Stunts Unlimited represented there and made a very big deal about it. I was very proud to be the representative for the group and the United States and a recipient of Jackie’s graciousness. The Chinese people were very welcoming to the international panel of stunt associations,” Buddy Joe Hooker

This video is of the stunt representatives from 10 countries around the world and Jackie Chan presenting a signed flag with all the stunt organizations’ logos to the mayor of Datong and the government representative from China.  The event was held in Datong’s Soccer stadium and was filled with 30,000 fans and filmmakers from around the world.   The Closing ceremony included singing performances, dozens of demonstrations by Jackie’s various stunt teams including acrobats, fire and martial arts and an x games style sport show.

Jackie Chan with an international group of stunt coordinators at theJackie Chan International Action Film Week (2019)


Buddy Joe Hooker with Jackie Chan and an international group of action directors and stunt coordinators Jackie Chan International Action Film Week (2019)
The grand finale of the festival included dazzling high-tech performances and a red carpet that included celebrated filmmakers and performers as Jackie Chan himself, Tsui Hark, Chris Tucker, Adrien Brody, Paul Haggis and  Crystal Liu Yifei, star of Disney’s upcoming, Mulan.


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