In this episode, we look at the world of stunts. How they work, who creates them and what it’s like to perform them. We talk with four professional stunt people about how they got into the industry, how they setup a stunt and what it’s like to crash a car at 100 miles per hour! Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Melissa Stubbs, Jack Gill, Georgia Durante, Buddy Joe Hooker


Melissa Stubbs
Melissa Stubbs, Action Director/2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator, Action Girl Films
When you are one of the first women in your genre you have to work harder, faster, stronger than anyone else. Tonight we talk with Melissa Stubbs, Stunt Coordinator and Action Director about what got her started in stunts and how she sets up a stunt.
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**EDITORIAL NOTE: Melissa Stubbs is not the first female member of Stunts Unlimited. The first female member was Kitty O’Neil, followed closely by Janet Brady in the early 1970’s.

Jack Gill
Jack Gill, Action Designer/Action Director, Website
As a veteran in the stunt industry, Jack Gill has seen a lot of changes. Tonight he joins us to talk about his career, changes in the stunt industry and what separates a professional stunt person from an crazed idiot. The line is narrower than you might think …
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Buddy Joe Hooker
Buddy Joe Hooker, Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Action Director, Website
Buddy Joe Hooker was one of the original members of Stunts Unlimited, started in 1970 by stunt legends Hal Needham, Glenn Wilder and Ronnie Rondell. Today, it is one of the most trusted groups for stunt people. Tonight, he talks about how he got into stunts, the business of doing stunts and the role of Stunts Unlimited.
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**EDITORIAL NOTE: Buddy Joe was president of Stunts Unlimited in the past, the current president is Pat Romano