Andy Gill (SU), Jack Gill (SU), J.J. Perry (SU), and Troy Robinson

Variety Artisans Impact Report –  2017

Fast 8 Stunt Coordinators Andy Gill, Jack Gill, J.J. Perry, and Troy Robinson  

The stunt team topped itself again on “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth installment in Universal’s high-octane action franchise. The Gill brothers leapfrogged each other across the globe with second-unit teams, racing through the streets of Havana and across a frozen lake in Iceland. Dropping seven cars out of a parking garage in Cleveland, Perry and Robinson worked with the first unit, staging everything from a mid-flight airplane fight to a prison break riot. With so much screen time devoted to action, there was ample opportunity to contribute creatively. “[The producers] are looking for what can you do to really wow and audience and, if you come up with an idea, they’re willing to listen, and a lot of [the action] is generated that way,” says Andy Gill.