Check out this awesome clip from Knight Rider, Season 1, Episode 6 (1982)

Stunts Unlimited member Tim Gilbert doubled David Hasslehoff and worked along side Stunts Unlimited members Craig Hosking (helicopter pilot), Alan Gibbs as the Shooter, and Jack Gill (KITT driver). The second unit director and stunt coordinator was Bob Bralver.

Jack was driving blind as Tim transferred from the car to the helicopter wearing a climbing harness with a piece of cable measured exactly from the harness to the tip of his finger connected to a carabiner. Once he clipped the cable to the skip Tim signaled Craig with a thumbs up. At another point in the scene, when Craig was spinning the helicopter, Tim wasn’t attached to the skip at all, a decision he began to regret when things really got going!
Notable mention: Craig Hosking actually tapped the top of KITT with the skim of the helicopter while both were moving – pretty impressive.


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