Click below to see the performance that earned Stunts Unlimited member Mike Massa the 2004 Taurus award for Best Specialty Stunt.

This particular scene was directed by second unit director Alexander Witt and stunt coordinated by former Stunts Unlimited member Gary Hymes. The scene also included stunt performers Clay Cullen and Mike Gaines. Mike Massa piloted the white boat that chased Jason Stathem and Seth Green and culminated in the boat jump. He also operated other boats in this scene, scouted the location and set up the boats and ramp.

The Italian Job (2003) was directed by F. Gary Grey and starred Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham and Seth Green. Gray’s remake of the 1969 crime classic replaced race of the Mini Coopers with this thrilling boat chase along Venice’s canals.

For the original film, the legendary stunt driver and stunt coordinator Rémy Julienne, who recently passed away, coordinated the stunts and performed as Michael Caine’s stunt double for this classic action thriller. Watch the original Italian Job chase below and click here to read more about Rémy and this iconic chase scene.