Blockbuster The Fall Guy is action-packed with heart-stopping theatrics including one very special record-breaking stunt. Logan Holladay, the stunt driver for Ryan Gosling’s character achieved the most cannon rolls in a car, with a thrilling 8.5 revolutions!

By Amina Addow
Published 14 March 2024 for Guinness World Records

This groundbreaking feat surpassed the previous record held by stuntman Adam Kirley, performing seven cannon rolls during the filming of James Bond outing Casino Royale (2006).

The Fall Guy, inspired by the 1980s hit TV series of the same name, is directed by David Leitch with Emily Blunt starring alongside Gosling.

It follows stuntman Colt Seavers (Gosling) who springs into action to save a movie when its big star disappears, only to find himself ensnared in a sinister plot.

Ryan Gosling and cast with Logan Holladay at screening

Logan received his official Guinness World Records certificate at a special preview screening in Los Angeles on 13 March.

A cannon roll is a classic stunt dating back to the early days of cinema, involving fitting a cannon-like apparatus beneath a car that shoots toward the ground.

As the vehicle reaches a designated speed, the mechanism triggers and propels the car into a series of rolls.

The car stunt was shot on the sandy beaches of Australia back in 2022 but was kept under wraps until now.

Reminiscing about filming the cannon roll, Gosling described it as “the most emotional day”.

As a homage to stunt-making, the team wanted to make it a bigger and better version of the astonishing feats we’re used to seeing in film.

The first take didn’t go exactly to plan but luckily, as supervising stunt coordinator Chris O’Hara quips, “had one more car”.

It was in this take that Logan was successful in setting the new record, signalling his contentment with a thumbs up outside of the car window.

The Fall Guy may have taken this record, but the James Bond series still holds two others:

  • Largest film stunt explosion has a total yield of 68.47 tonnes of TNT equivalent, and was achieved during filming for SPECTRE
  • Most high explosives detonated in a single film take: 136.4 kg of TNT equivalent was detonated on the set of No Time To Die in 2019

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