Liam Neeson in a scene from 'Honest Thief.'

Liam Neeson in a scene from ‘Honest Thief.’ (Open Road Films via AP)

The actor spoke about working on his new film ‘Honest Thief’


Liam Neeson is a stunt work aficionado.

The 68-year-old actor has been in dozens of high-risk action movies and still prefers to do as many of his own stunts as the studio will allow him to.

In fact, Neeson has worked with stunt coordinator Mark Vanselow on 24 movies including his latest, “Honest Thief,” and wishes stuntmen and women were recognized more often by major awards shows.

Liam Neeson with his stunt double and stunt coordinator Mark Vanselow and Jared Corum on the set of “THE MARKSMAN”, 2019 @Marketa1981

“[Stunt people] are brilliant,” Neeson told Fox News while promoting the new movie. “The guy I work with, Mark Vanselow, [we’ve] done 24 movies together including this, ‘The Honest Thief.'”

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“He’s done some amazing stunts for me and for other actors too…. yes they should, they should be acknowledged. They should. But the people in the industry know,” he added.

Neeson’s “Honest Thief” co-star Jai Courtney agreed, “It’s just long overdue. It’s such a huge important part of not just this kind of movie but so many.”

“I mean, we neglect to realize that like, there is stunt coordination on most things. I mean, anything that involves a physical safety risk in any kind of film or TV production,” Neeson explained to Fox News.

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Makr Vanselo training journalist Vox Justin Caffier (2018)

Courtney hopes his career will have the longevity of Neeson’s. “When you look at someone like Liam who’s been doing this forever and is killing it harder than ever at the moment, I hope to have that,” he complimented.

Neeson’s love interest in the thriller, Kate Walsh, signed on especially to share the screen with Neeson. “I loved the love story,” she told Fox News. “The amazing thing about watching Liam work is he’s a hero and even if it’s an anti-hero, he’s a hero.

She added, “I thought the script was really fresh. I loved the humor and I love that I got to have a little fight scene.”

“Honest Thief” premiere in theaters on October 16.

Fox News’ Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.

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