4oth Anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit


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Love Smokey and the Bandit? Well get in line, because plenty of people do and they will all be celebrating the 40th anniversary for the next month! First there will be screenings of Smokey in the Bandit nationwide on May 21st and May 24th. Click here to find the screening closest to you.

Then there is the the Smokey and the Bandit 40th Anniversary Festival in Joneboro, GA.

Finally the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hal Needham’s good old boy blockbuster will culminate with one doozy of a finale as stuntman Oliver Keller recreates the Bandit jump over the Jonesboro river made famous by stuntman and former Stunts Unlimited Member, Alan Gibbs.

Keller will be supported by a team of professional stuntmen, including several members of Stunts Unlimited, an elite association of stunt performers and stunt coordinators founded by Hal Needham, Glenn Wilder and Ronnie Rondell in 1970. SU’s own Troy Gilbert is the main stunt coordinator and car jump designer who will be overseeing the Trans-Am jump  12-15 feet in the air over a 130 foot gap – impressive!!!

The jump will take place on June 24th and proceeds raised by The Bandit Jump will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans. Their goal is One Million Dollars! Stunt folk don’t do anything small…

Click here to read more about The Bandit Jump.


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