Stunt Reel May 2023 from Kristian Lambert on Vimeo.

Kristian Lambert sponsored by Norman Howell

“Kristian was fantastic to work with! Always within earshot to step in and help move pads and grab a shovel – was very helpful behind the scenes.” – Norman Howell


Stacie Rathbone sponsored by Freddy Bouciegues

“I hired Stacie on Rebel Moon and she was with us for a few weeks. Stacie performed well and hit the ground without any issues. Another up and coming female stunt performer that would be a great addition to the directory.  – Freddy Bouciegues

Omar Heyward sponsored by Mark Vanselow, Eddie Braun, Andrew Gill, Mike Massa, and Eric Norris

Omar Heyward sponsored by Mark Vanselow, Eddie Braun, Andrew Gill, Mike Massa and Eric Norris
“I’ve known and worked with Omar for a number of years.  He is a talented all around Stunt Performer, has a great attitude, is professional, and is a great human being”. –  Mark Vanselow
“Mr. Omar Heyward is a very talented man and a lot of fun to spend all day on the set with. Seriously though, he is very professional, and a great addition to any team. I think it would be great to have him in our SU directory.”. – Eddie Braun
“I will absolutley sponsor Omar Heyward!  Super attitude and his abilities are off the charts.  Great hand weapons fighter, gymnast, high man and will hit the ground with the best of them then come up smiling and wanting to do it agin.  100% in for Omar!!  No ego or attitude to deal with!!!”. – Andrew Gill
“I think Omar was a solid stunt player, he listened and paid attention. Did a great job for me. 👍🏻“. – Mike Massa
“Omar is a very talented stunt guy!! He did a great job for me”. – Eric Norris


Devyn LaBella sponsored by Jeff Barnett

“I have used LaBella a lot – she’s the complete gymnast, contortionist and extremely athletic. Devyn will make any coordinator’s job easier, she’s very helpful, responsible and professional” – Jeff Barnett


Chris Naylor sponsored by Eddie Braun

“Chris Naylor has worked for me and proven to be spot-on, talented, carries himself well, and a total class act. A great addition to our SU book.” – Eddie Braun


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The Stunts Unlimited Directory is an endorsement of stunt performers from our members to our members. Never before has any group culminated such a trusted pool of talent, vetted on an individual basis.

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