Stunts Unlimited supports Peter Antico for the position of Secretary-Treasurer of SAG-AFTRA.

Pete Antico is a working stuntman, actor and producer with over forty years experience; he brings with him an extensive knowledge of finance and he has over a decade of experience dutifully serving on local and national SAG-AFTRA boards.

Antico is well-known for his strong commitment to ensuring that all SAG-AFTRA members are equally represented by their union and that the SAG-AFTRA executive board is held to the highest accountability when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

“The Union’s funds must be protected and grown while providing maximum service to its members. That is largely the job of the Secretary-Treasurer, and I am capable and prepared to dedicate myself to the job.” – Pete Antico

If you would like to join us in supporting Pete, please contribute to his campaign fundraiser, promote his campaign from your social media accounts and vote (that’s the most important.)

Please watch this 6 part series created by Pete Antico that discusses several contract issues:

Part 1: Syndication

Peter Antico, SAG-AFTRA Secretary Treasurer Candidate, talks 2020 contract and how residuals were gutted.

Part 2: Pension and Health

Peter Antico talks 2020 contracts and how it affected pension and health

Part 3: All Category Inclusion

Peter Antico talks about the last 12 years of contracts and how that didn’t benefit background, stunt performers, singers, and dancers.

Part 4: SVOD

Peter Antico, SAG-AFTRA Secretary Treasurer Candidate, talks about the last few contract negotiations and how that affected residuals and contributions to Pension and Health

Part 5: Stunts

Peter Antico talks about stunt performer contracts and the gutting of portal to portal wages

Part 6: Under 20

Peter Antico talks about bad negotiating and how producers can completely side step our contracts that protect our members