“I am hopeful for the future,” [Freddy Bouciegues] said. “There always will be a need for the stunt industry, the stunt professionals, because they’re involved in so much of the process.”

Referring to performers being scanned and potentially having their likenesses used again and again without additional compensation or full consent, Bouciegues said, “Some of the negotiations going on through our union right now is to be super clear on what that is and what it’s used for, how long it’s used for. It should be specific for that project only. And that information is sometimes unclear.”

“If you use our likeness, and you see our likeness, and you see that it’s a performer, you want to be fairly compensated for it,” he noted. “And it’s not an unfair ask, I don’t think.”

Bouciegues said stunt performers do more than just take falls or hits for actors, they are “designing the action, we’re working with the actors, we’re training the actors, we’re working with the departments, we’re collaborating together with the director and the DP to create a sequence that is exciting and dynamic.”

“There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on with stunts and how well they’re mixed into the system,” he added. “I don’t see that our careers are over.”