Stunts Unlimited members Regis Harrington and Mike Massa teamed up with Stunts Unlimited Directory members Rachel Gelfed and Dan Pera, as well with veteran stunt performer Adam Hart to give what Savannah College of Art and Design is calling the best film festival panel they have ever had! Go team go!!!

From, “SCAD Savannah Film Festival’s Artisans: Crafting The Stunt panel took place Wednesday [October 25th] on the newly opened film backlot. It featured a panel of acclaimed stunt actors and coordinators, including Rachel Gelfeld, Regis Harrington, Adam Hart, Mike Massa and Dan Pera. Gelfeld, a SCAD alum, received the SCAD45 award from SCAD President Paula Wallace before the panel. In her acceptance, Gelfeld thanked the hands-on training she received at SCAD for giving her the skills she needed to start her career right after graduation.”

“Stunt doubles, our job is to focus on our actor. Watch how they move, watch every little bit about them. I have certain actors, I mimic their hands, their fingers when they walk,” Massa said. “I’ve done stuff on movies where the actor is not available… you may just be called to come in and be them, walk through the scene or do some kind of movement — but you’re always them. As a stunt actor, you get to be your own character and create what you want.”

From,“After the panel, the audience was treated to a live example of what stunt work looks like. It featured a pre-choreographed scene in which Gelfeld ran through one of the backlot interiors and was then attacked on the balcony before running down the stairs and tackling a fellow performer. All of this was simultaneously filmed by one of the Covert Camera Cars to show the audience the visual difference between what happens in person and what is seen on screen, impressing the audience and giving them a greater appreciation for an often-overlooked part of filmmaking.”